Cross-Border Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Cross-Border Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm is well regarded for its experience and ability to deal with cross-border litigation from the stage of planning followed by the issue of legal proceedings up to conclusion at trial. Lawyers at JSS & CO LLP are well versed in communicating with local lawyers from around the world and our advocates have appeared alongside Leading Counsel and their Instructing Solicitors in several proceedings before the High Court and Court of Appeal in the UK.

The firm has been engaged to represent shareholders of a large Islamic banking institution in Pakistan with respect to a dispute amongst the shareholders. The matter is due to be heard by the ICC, International Court of Arbitration at Zurich.

The firm was engaged to represent Habib Bank Ltd., a major Pakistani bank, in two major litigation cases in the UK both of which concluded successfully in favour of the Bank. One case was against the Bank of Sudan which concluded in a judgment in favour of Habib Bank Ltd. in the sum of US$ 101 million while the other was against a high profile individual who was indebted to the Bank as guarantor. For the first time a Pakistani High Court judgment was upheld and enforced in the UK under the Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act 1933. Both cases were reported and constitute legal precedents.

The firm also regularly acts on behalf of Emirates International Bank (Dubai) in relation to its litigation claims against borrowers / defaulters in Pakistan. Similarly the firm has been involved in litigation work and dispute resolution in relation to Dubai based borrowers of Pakistani origin in the Emirate of Dubai with enormously successful results.


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